The Canada Basketball Foundation™ (CBF) is a registered charitable organization dedicated to growing all aspects of the game of basketball. Working directly with Canada Basketball, the CBF aims to improve the health of the nation through basketball, provide a pathway for excellence for young athletes, and deliver dynamic basketball development that will result in international success.

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We See Thee Rise

Basketball is a sport as diverse and beautiful as our country.

Most importantly, the basketball court welcomes people from all roots and religions; of any gender or generation. It’s a place of unity where Canadians stand together – one game with a common language of squeaking sneakers and a bouncing ball. 

The Canada Basketball Foundation is working to expand the inclusivity of our sport by creating additional ways to empower more women, while welcoming more Canadians to the game we all love.

Help us grow basketball in Canada by investing in development programs that encourage and facilitate participation by all. 

Basketball attracts more players between the ages of 12-17 than any other team sport in Canada. We believe that through basketball we can contribute to society in positive ways. 

We Stand On Guard

Basketball teaches values of teamwork, effort, commitment, diversity and a respect for others. 

The Canada Basketball Foundation provides support to the guardians of our game; the stewards and mentors who instill a love of sport, teamwork and country in our young athletes. 

We work with our provincial/territorial basketball organizations to deliver programs and clinics that give coaches and officials the knowledge, skills and certifications needed to keep our game – and our players – growing. 

Invest in the Canadian Basketball Foundation – and in the development of community leaders who teach our kids the positive values of sport so that they become better players and even better people. 

True Patriot Love

Canada Basketball’s national programs are on the cusp of the next big step: standing on the podium at international competitions and inspiring pride in our country and our game. 

Now is our time.  We have athletes, coaches and supporters with a relentless desire to wear the red-and-white and see the maple leaf raised high. 

Join our team and you will support the development of players and coaches who represent us in international competitions in all age categories.

Setting a New Standard


‍By attracting more young people to the sport, we can introduce the fundamentals of basketball to more players and identifying a new generation of “rising stars.” 


We develop coaches and officials who oversee the development of athletes as basketball players and citizens. 


When our teams excel in international competition, we all share in the pride of being Canadian. Your support will elevate basketball in Canada – and Canadian basketball on the international stage – to new levels. 

Your support will elevate basketball in Canada – and Canadian basketball on the international stage – to new levels.

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